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2014 Aug05

Posted by Ken Toney at 06:09AM

Mabry Mill Judgement

I recently posted this photo to 500px and within 10 hours it shot to #1 on the world wide photo sharing social media. I posted before putting it on Facebook that I had some help from a good friend coloring the trees. Obviously these aren’t the colors of fall in early August. I have taken a little criticism from a couple local photogs about the validity of it being “my” photo. I always listen to my piers and sometimes agree. I would never post a photo that was a collaboration without giving credit and Herk Schmidt has gotten mine for his awesome touch in Photoshop to my photo, under my supervision. I had no complaints on 500px at all with only one question about the colors that obviously were photoshop’d. I think it all comes down to opinion and I respect everyone who is civil about it (and they have been) with me. The question stands, If you help someone, suggest a topic, reach and slide a slider or do anything to help is the photo then still belonging to the photog, I say yes. The only president I can think of are photographers who employ folks to do their processing, not to mention retouchers who routinely process photographers photos. Subjects like these seem to come up on a regular basis for photographers but this may be the first time that I have gotten flack for getting help on a photo. I can’t count the times I’ve helped photographers process images with no intended or required recognition. The fact is it was #1 on 500px and I took the photo and orchestrated its process. BTW last time I looked it had over 21,000 views and 1650 likes on 500px and I’m still proud of that.

Click Here To See 500px Photo


  • David House Sr.

    When jealous people squawk, you must be doing it right. Nice image!

    • kentoney

      Thanks David, be sure to listen to Rick Sammon’s DPE podcast on Sept 15th, I will be on there discussing this.

  • http://www.eldridgephoto.com Jason Eldridge

    The end result is what matters and this is truely a piece of art. Great capture and great coloring.

  • Mary Deller

    Just spectacular!

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